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    Autoflowering Seeds, Are They Medical Marijuana? What if you were offered a killer job and also the only thing standing between you together with that job will be the employer?s insistence which you be drug tested before starting work for the business. While you may well not participate in illegal drugs, you are doing smoke medical cannabis often and further, the medical cannabis you smoke was prescribed for you with a licensed medical professional for any physical ailment your medical professional believe medical marijuana will provide relief.Individuals are being taken from organ transplant lists since they’re users of medical cannabis. Most recently, a staffer with a dispensary that is kind enough to relate people to me for medical cannabis prescriptions said in regards to a 30ish kid who is in renal kidney failure. He’s been taken off their email list because –you guessed it – he’s an individual of medical marijuana. I’m afraid it’s more widespread that I’d like to admit.According to AP, “Most transplant centers battle with how to deal with people who have used marijuana, said Dr. Robert Sade, director with the Institute of Human Values in Health Care with the Medical University of South Carolina. ‘Marijuana, unlike alcohol, doesn’t have direct influence on the liver. It is however an issue … because it’s really a potential indicator of an addictive personality,’ Sade said. TheVirginia-based United Network for Organ Sharing, which oversees the nation’s transplant system, leaves it to individual hospitals to build up criteria for transplant candidates. At some, individuals who use ‘illicit substances’ –including medicinal marijuana, even during states that enable it — are automatically rejected. At others, like the UCLA Medical Center, patients get to be able to reapply when they stay clean for half a year. Marijuana is prohibited under federal law.”For many years the Federal Government has become mindful of the end results of medicinal marijuana and exactly how beneficial it is to many people patients. For nearly four decades the United States Government had at its disposal patent # 6630507 which takes care of medical marijuana but our own DEA has not yet wanted it known. Pharmaceutical companies in addition have wanted the general public saved in the dark relating to this fact.Medical Marijuana is not a panacea, however, it is just a legitimate effective augment to synthetic pharmaceuticals normally prescribed for treating chronic pain. The therapeutic benefits of Medical Marijuana can only truly be appreciated by someone who suffers from the real and mental ravages of continuous, un-abating chronic pain. Unless someone has experienced a lot of continuous chronic pain as well as the real and mental side effects of the long-term utilization of synthetic pharmaceuticals normally prescribed for management of chronic pain such as Fentanyl, Oxycodone, Percocet and also the like, it isn’t practical for anyone to know what it indicates or feels as though to get perhaps the short respite from chronic pain that Medical Marijuana affords. marijuana

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